Inspired Poetry with Bud the Teacher

I’m starting to write some poetry this month with Bud Hunt (aka Bud the Teacher). Bud, a friend of mine through the National Writing Project, is posting visual prompts each day, and he asks that we consider a poem inspired by the image, and his short bit of writing. What I have always liked about Bud’s poetry prompts (this is maybe the third year?) is how open the direction can be. It’s always cool to see how other people take the idea embedded in the image, and push it around in different ways.

I did write a poem yesterday, but it wasn’t anything too special.

This morning, he had an interesting image and description about water, and what I think is a pebble or rock. (I’m not quite sure but that’s OK. I saw it as I see it, and used what I think I saw.) I also added a podcast of the poem I wrote, using Cinch.

The pebble drops –
I fall with it
splashing, crashing into surface tension
as my outline echoes from the center
on out.
If I could, I would surf this surface viscosity forever,
and never let me fall
but gravity has other ideas –
family, and school, and the whole wealth of obligations
that keep me grounded day in and day out –
so I drop, the pebble,
twisting and turning until I hit the bottom
and wait.

You come, too. Each morning, Bud will be posting an image and inviting you to write a few lines of poetry.

Peace (in the poems),


  1. I love your poem, especially the sound of your poem. How did you do this? My favorite line is “I would surf this surface viscosity forever.” It slips and slides on the tongue. I imagine the water bug that grips onto air bubbles and stays afloat.
    I started with the 30 Day Poetry Challenge, an acrostic:
    Not sure which I will do today, Bud or 30 Day. It’s spring break, so I have some time to think about it.

  2. I like the sounds (of your reading & me just looking at the words) & there should be sound with a pebble & a splash. Also, really like the line “but gravity has other ideas”. True in our lives, we are pulled to the real parts, maybe even as we resist. Good luck with your writing in April, Kevin!

  3. Kevin,
    I like being able to listen to you read the poem. There is something about hearing a poet read his/her own poetry. I have Billy Collins, Maya Angelou, and many others. I also have a collection of poetry read by poets for kids. The sounds are so important in poetry.

    Your connection of gravity and the obligations that perhaps keep us from floating on the surface of the water is powerful.


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