Digital Storytelling: The Virtual Art Museum

I was gathering some resources for an upcoming presentation around digital storytelling and came back upon this project — The Virtual Art Museum — from three years ago. It is a collaboration between myself, the art teacher and our librarian. They secured a grant to gain access to the artwork and then helped students compose reactions to the art. I worked on the technical side of things, with the podcasts and then with the digital stories. My colleagues than arranged a day when computers were set up for visitors to listen to the digital stories and learn more about art. I love how the voices of students get into the mix, and the collaborative nature of the project that touches on different curriculum.


Peace (in the art),


  1. Kevin
    I love the paintings and the way this is presented. When I got to the pink flamingo I recognised it as Audubon’s work before the girls said it was his. That pleased me as 6 months ago I had never heard of Audubon, as I live in New Zealand. However after reading Okay for Now and A Nest For Celeste I knew his work.
    What software did you use? Obviously photostory would do a similar job but you mention podcast so did you tie the two together.
    I am interested as I have five weeks sabbatical to learn about digital story telling – which I have as yet to define! (We can choose what we want to find out and learn about, great huh?!) I semi followed your gaming work with students earlier in the year, I am thinking that would be digital storytelling of a sort?
    So will be following your work closely – I see I have other of your posts to explore in detail now that I have the time. I think it is Wayne Fryer that will also be a source of information for me.
    New Zealand

    • They were first recorded as a podcast (using Audacity) and then imported into Photostory3.
      (love your sabbatical idea and the idea of a sabbatical)
      Let me know if I can help.

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