Inventing New Words with The Crazy Collaborative Dictionary

We’re almost at the end of our unit around Word Origins, and the final activity is for my sixth graders to invent a handful of new words (think: Frindle) and then put their very best one into our online wiki Crazy Collaborative Dictionary. This growing home to invented words has been underway in my classroom since 2005 and each year, my students add to it. It’s a fun assignment that involves creativity, writing, wikis and podcasting.

Here is a collection of words from the past that I will be sharing with our students today before giving them the assignment (which is basically to invent three new words with definitions, and then use those three words in a one-paragraph story.)


And here is the link to our Crazy Collaborative Dictionary.

Peace (in the words),
PS — Check out the origins of the novel, Frindle. Funny.


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