Introducing Research: A Teacher Writing Sample

I often try to bring my own writing into the classroom as a way to not only share my process, but also, to give examples. This week, my students begin a short research project in which they examine an issue in the presidential campaign, and write an opinionated piece that uses research, along with citations of sources. (We’re using Instagrok for research and Easybib for citations). I struggled to find a good topic that my students can’t also write about (I don’t want them to emulate me), and decided on a short piece advocating the end of talk around a manned mission to Mars.

I try to use the comment feature in Word to help articulate the strategies that I am using, and this document becomes a talking point in class with my students. “Did you notice …” is a common phrase, and we can refer back to this as they begin working on their own.
Let’s Leave Mars Alone with teacher notes

Peace (in the sharing),


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