Collaboration Across Time: The Wiki Dictionary Project

Crazy Dictionary Home

I’ve written before about our Crazy Dictionary project, which is near the end of our Origins of Words unit. Students invent their own words, and then add them to a wiki dictionary that we have been building since 2005. There are, by my calculation, more than 700 invented words (and a few hundred podcasts) on the wiki site now. It’s a fun activity but what I like most about it is how my current students are collaborating with past students (including some siblings) to create a dictionary of invented words that each year, grows and grows.

The wiki is a perfect venue for this activity and there is quite a bit of excitement on day we set up stations around the room to add words and record podcasts. And the fun is in the name of learning about words and the flexibility of the English Language to weed out and add new words all the time.

Peace (in the language),


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