Where I’ve been Walking …

I continue to be intrigued by #walkmyworld, which is a social media project that will move into poetry at some point. For now, it’s about documenting the world where we live. Here are some of things I created and shared this week:

First, a webcomic about my days.
Walking through my Day Comic

Second, a few collages using an app filter to skew the tones.
Art on Walls, through lens

Selfie, through a lens

Finally, a couple of memes. Because … well, because why not?
Walk My World meme 3

Walk My World meme 2

Walk My World meme 1

How’s your world?

Peace (on a walk),

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  1. Hi There Kevin!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and I’m touched that I was able to share something…substantial (I think, did I? :D). Regarding exams, my previous blog post for Rhizo14 was also related to it (the cheating as learning topic) =) I’ve shared some student experiences in taking exams in that post.

    Anyway, #walkmyworld sounds awesome! 🙂 The image you shared with the little people, you made that? haha Cute! If I were to make my own #walkmyworld diagram, I would probably see myself in bed all day! haha… All these studying and mooc is warping me to lose track of time T_T Also, I would like to add that those Meme’s are so funnnneh.

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