Getting Teachers Doodling

Teacher Doodles at PD session

I was facilitating a professional development session yesterday afternoon with my colleagues, and I wanted to find an engaging “write into the day” activity. The topic of the PD was using Google Classroom to help ease flow of information and assignments to and from teachers and students (currently, I am the only one using Google Classroom in our school).

I remembered all of our work this summer in CLMOOC with doodling and drawing (and this month has been DecDoodle via CLMOOC, so I have been doodling every morning on daily themes) and using illustration as a way to think on the page.

Teacher Doodles at PD session

So, my prompt for colleagues at the very start of the session was “Doodle what Flow looks like in your classroom setting” and we septn about 15 minutes doodling and then sharing. A few looked at me at first like, you want me to doodle? Yes, indeedly do. Or yes, indeedly doodle.

Teacher Doodles at PD session

The range of drawings and representations was pretty cool, and provided a nice frame for our discussions and exploration of Google Classroom from the standpoint of making the management of student work and assignments and interactions a little easier (as long as you understand Google’s impetus to build easy-to-use products to hook long-term users).

Peace (doodles away),


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  1. Great exercise Kevin. This is how most of my graphics begin. Then I use power point to try to communicate more clearly. Or I use cMAP tools, and put these on concept maps.

    Here’s my collection of concept maps.

    I hope you’ll share them with educators. Maybe in a few months or years we’ll see collections of cMaps created by educators to show process, flow, and how they and the community are working together to help all kids move safely and successfully from pre school through college or vocational school and into jobs and career.

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