Account Activation Day: Success is One Login Away

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We’ve sort of settled into the first days of school, shifting into more content instruction in my ELA class.

The other day, I spent the full periods with my four classes of sixth graders, talking them through the steps to activate their school Google accounts, setting up new passwords (quick lesson on password protection), joining their Google Classroom space, and working on a vocabulary-themed slideshow connecting images to words.

Although I have the entire system down pretty well by now, these “login days” are always chaotic and hectic, particularly if it is just me and 20 kids. Each task has a few steps. Some finish early (I recruit them as helpers, which they take on readily). Some have trouble typing (particularly the passwords, where you can’t see the characters). Others click somewhere other than we need to be and stare at the screen, confused.

But .. but … by the end of each class period, we had 100 percent success with activating all accounts, joining Classroom and working on the slideshow. Phew. Add in the excitement they were all having about using technology (there is not much done in the grades below me other than research projects) and we were all starting off on the right footing for the new school year.

I kept my patience. I stayed calm as I moved through the rooms dealing with issues. They did, too. Small victories. We’ll take them.

(Side Note: this kind of day also gives me an informal view into the ability to process sequential steps and information by my students. I can quickly see who will have difficulty with some complex information and who is facile with technology and following directions. It’s a window into how the year might unfold.)

Peace (in tech),

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