Reflect, Connect with Day in a Sentence


It’s been quite some time since I have launched Day in a Sentence, the collaborative venture where I ask you, dear reader, to boil down your entire week or a day in the week (your choice) into a single reflective sentence. Then, you post your sentence as a comment to this blog post. My job is to collect all of your sentences and then publish them together over the weekend.

So, what do you say? Do you have  a pocket of reflective energy? How can you capture your week or a day in your week in a single sentence? Add your sentence to the comments here, and spread the word.

Day in a Sentence is back! (albeit on a somewhat irregular basis).

My podcasted sentence:

I can barely express how different the climate of my new class of students is from my old class, where “walking on eggshells” was my daily mantra and I was as much traffic cop as teacher.

Peace (in the sharing),

PS — What is the value in teachers becoming writers in places like Day in a Sentence? I tried to address this earlier in the year with this article over at LEARN NC.

The Return of Day in a Sentence


Wow. What happened to Day in a Sentence? It went on a little snoozer, I guess, as I kind of stepped away from the idea for a bit. But I miss seeing what folks write about when they mull over their day or week.

So, let’s do a Day in a Sentence, shall we? But I want to use AnswerGarden again for collecting answers, so: let’s do DAY IN A SHORT PHRASE (or word) as AnswerGarden has a character limit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Reflect on your day or your week;
  • Boil it down into a word or a short phrase;
  • Pop your response into our Day in a Sentence AnswerGarden (or use the embedded AnswerGarden down below);
  • (optional): After your response has gone in, add your first name to AnswerGarden, too, so we can see who has been contributing.
  • You’re done!

Thanks for contributing!

Peace (in the sharing),

What is Your Day in a Word or Phrase?… at

Come in, Come in for Day in a Sentence


It has been a bit of time since I was the host of Day in Sentence. The writing activity has been making the rounds with all sorts of blogging friends, but now it comes back home. (Also, check out the article I wrote for LEARN NC about teaching writing in online communities where I mentioned our Day in a Sentence project)

I’m going to keep things simple and traditional, at least in the gathering of your words.

  • Reflect on your day or your week;
  • Boil it down into a single sentence;
  • Post your sentence here as a comment to this blog post;
  • I will gather up the sentences and publish them this weekend in some format (still thinking);
  • That’s it!

Here is my Day in a Sentence:

I looked around my classroom yesterday and all I saw were creative movie producing teams hard at work in just about every space you could imagine and there were no signs of slacking in the bunch.

Peace (in the sharing),

Day in the “Extreme” Sentence

My good friend from New Zealand, Ken — Adayinsentenceicon Blogger in Middle-Earth –is taking over as guest host for this week’s Day in a Sentence. Given the news from the world about volcanoes and such, Ken asks that we take our sentence to the extreme — really kick your reflection up a notch, if you can.

Not sure how Day in a Sentence works?

So come join us.

And as Ken would say:

Ka kite anō – Catch ya later

Peace (in the sharing),