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Welcome to the final musings of Tech Matters 2006

I am still a bit scattered about my thoughts today but here is what comes to light this week: I need to start exploring a path away from Manila-based Weblogs, which have been the only tool in my box. I am already seeing some of the limitations at my sites and feel the need for something more flexible and manageable for the projects that I am running.

My goal is continuity — keeping our TCs and program leaders connected with the site because there does seem to be interest in remaining connected but there aren’t feasible ways to do that — Not everyone can come to the Saturday morning writing sessions or all the workshops. Technology provides a way to develop continuity.
So here I am, using WordPress on the advice of many people in this room whose opinions I value, and trying to get used to its features. My goal down the road is to establish server space for our state NWP network for newsletter blogs that can feature news, teacher writing and other information in a coherent way.

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