The Long Road Back from Chico

In the weeks leading up to Tech Matters 2006, I started a very strange Wiki story about a tech geek who has to make it to Chico on a pink tricycle while avoiding the devious deeds of the menacing Dr. Ho. It was an excercise in collaboration, technology, writing and (I hope) some humor. I have now locked down the story but you can still read, listen and watch the story (it became a multimedia experiment for me at one point).

The Long Road to Chico

Last night, we held a final celebratory gathering at the Hotel Diamond, with good food and good company and plenty of laughs. Joe and I rewrote the title song from the old television series Chico and the Man and we were able to get everyone to sing along. I know you are dying to read the lyrics, so here they are:

In Chico

In Chico, don’t get discouraged,
They just think that you’ll understand.
In Chico, we’ll come together,
Wikis and Weblogs — it all gets out of hand.

Even though there’s heat on the street
We’ve made friends you just can’t beat
And everything we’ve learned will slip away.

And I know, things will get better
Oh yes, they will, just like our leaders planned
Oh, Yes they will, in Chico, it’s all grand.

Someone suggested that we start another Wiki adventure on the way to Nashville, so who knows … we might just dust off that virtual tricycle and hit the road in November (cold winds blowing).

And when I finish editing my very odd multimedia poem, I will send that along to everyone. Thanks for letting me videotape your eyeballs!




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