The Power of Voice: Student Narratives

The connections between writing and voice is an interesting one, particularly in this age of podcasts and audiocasts across distance and time, and I know that my NWP colleague Chris S. in Utah has been very much into capturing the voices of his students and researching the ways that voice can influence and enhance writing.

Last year, my students were part of a Cyberpal exchange with some students at Jefferson Junior High School in Washington DC (through another NWP partnership with Maria) and they shared some of their own personal narrative writing via an audiocast.

Students wrote a short personal narrative piece that focused on an object that represented some memories. Take a listen:


  1. It is great to hear student voices and they were some wonderful storied. I am starting a wiki and elgg this week now that I have the hardware issues solved. I will let you know when they are up.

  2. I miss our exchanges with our students. We we’re doing great! I feel loaded this school year with my candidacy to the National Board Certification, and I wish to make it on my first take (asking too much?). I will be listening to your Youth Radio Project with our NWP colleagues but I really wish I still have time to do this with you. I might miss the Annual Meeting in Nashville, see you in New York Annual Meeting then *wink.

    I continue to support your projects…

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