Considering Elgg

Last week, I joined an online conversation with folks through Teachers Teaching Teachers that explores the convergence of technology and teaching in its many varied forms. I have been curious about the concept of Elgg communities and jumped into the conversation with some questions (for my own benefit and for my wife, who is a high school teacher). As far as I can tell, Elgg offers the possibility of a safe online community that links members together through shared interested and through related “tags” that they create in their profile. It mirrors Facebook and MySpace, but without the advertising and mess of those sites. Dave Tosh provides a good overview of Elgg at his site.
You can listen to the podcast of that conference through the Teachers Teaching Teachers site. Or you can find that link here:

microphone Listen to the podcast

Meanwhile, I notice that the authors of one of my favorite blog sites — Bud the Teacher — is posing his own inquiries into Elgg, so I hope to follow along that conversation, too. And I have joined a teacher Elgg, too, just to tour around and get familiar with the tools that are there.


  1. Hi Kevin,
    I just spent the past 1/2 hour getting lost in your meandering mind’s blog and assorted links. What a genuine pleasure it is to find this valuable resource. Thanks for sharing it (I picked it up from your Call for Props on the TL listserv.)
    Perhaps if time allows, you’ll allow me a face to face conversation on your various projects in Nashville.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Natalie Bernasconi
    TL for Central CA Writing Project.

  2. Hi Natalie
    Thanks for stopping by. This is really just an experimental place for me but I appreciate the comments. And I would love to talk with you in Nashville.


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