Traveling in our Town

This is a project my sixth graders did in collaboration with our school librarian and the Youth Radio project. My students reflected on what makes our town special for them and then they worked to profile local businesses and areas of interest for a travel brochure. I then handed off my MP3 player to a student and asked him to interview his classmates as podcast, and then we converted that into a videocast.





  1. Cute podcast. The interview was a bit repetitive. I would try a focus group next time. Pass the microphone around as students interact with each other and discuss their town.

    By the way, Dave Pulling sent me over. I think your site is the cat’s meow. Very nice!

  2. Hi Michelle
    Thanks for the view and the comments.
    I agree about the repetitiveness and the idea of a small group is something I have done at times, but the entire class wanted to be part of this (since they all did the signs for town businesses), and I wanted to give them a voice.
    I kept wishing someone would extend the conversation — something to work on with them for the future.


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