Puppets on Display

My sixth grade classes spend much of the end of November and into December working on their own puppet play performances, starting with mapping out a story along a plot arc, developing character, and integrating a moral into the story. They must also invent a winter holiday and use that as the setting for their stories.

Then, they work with the art teacher and myself to make puppets, and use a wonderful hand-carved puppet theater at our school to perform for younger grades (which actually begin today!). This year, I video-taped each small play (there are 20 total plays this year) and will be publishing the videos online in the coming days via our classroom Weblog and the Homework Weblog site we use for families.

For now, though, I created this short teaser for parents and students.


Peace (with puppets),

  1. Kevin,

    I am an English teacher at New Iberia Senior High School in Louisiana. I am taking an interactive class on Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts (using the book of the same name) with David Pulling at LSUE. He had us look at your Blog ,and I am truly humbled and amazed at your work.

    The puppet show is hoot! I just think it is not only great creativity on your students’ parts, but what a wonderful way to present it.

    I teach a course to prepare future teachers at the high school level (they can actually gain 3 college credits if they make an A or B with me). We are on the block 4 x 4, so I will be teaching my future teachers this spring semester. One of their techie assignments is to view your Blog and try one of your assignments. We use Blackboard and some teachers use other similar programs at the high school. So, showing them what they can do with a Blog will be great, too.

    Our school system has bought into On Course, so I do have web capabilities to post my assignments, methods for research, even class management notes. It is limited, but it is a start for those of us who are just getting into the Blog.

    Really enjoy the great work you are doing. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…


  2. Thanks so much and I am very honored to be in your spotlight (say hi to David for me, will you?)
    I just posted the actual puppet movies to this blog.
    My personal goal this year was to try to get more video into my writing and classroom, and it is wonderful but a struggle at times. I am tinkering where I can and trying to experiment and push against the walls (and hope my fist doesn’t go through).
    Good luck with your class.
    I would LOVE to see the work you all are doing, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. I can learn from you, that’s for sure.
    Take care

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