In my Quest … video

I made it a bit of a mission this year to investigate the possibilities of integrating audio and video into my web presence, both for personal use and for educational use, and it has been quite a learning-curve journey with many more miles to go, I suppose.

This morning, however, I came upon Wired News feature The Year in Online Video and I assume this is probably the first time that this category has been created and used for such a feature (I may be wrong, but I don’t think so). In the article, which has embedded video right in it, there were some cool clips, such as:

  • Real Life introduction to The Simpsons
  • The Mentos versus Diet Coke experiment
  • OK Go and their funny sync-dance music video (on treadmills)

But what is most fascinating to me, I think, are the two videos where people took photographs of themselves every day for a period of time (in one case, a year, and in the other case, six years) and then pulled them all together into a video. The effect is quite fascinating.

Video has many possibilities, some of which we can’t quite yet see.

Peace (and good year ahead),

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