De-Lurker Week

Did you know this is De-Lurker Week?
Me, neither. (Hell, every week is a holiday on the Internet, right?)
But, you are required as a reader of this blog to leave a comment, a breadcrumb, a trail of words … please. And I will do the same. My goal is to leave six comments on six different weblogs that I read regularly.

(Steal your own De-Lurker banner at I Speak of Dreams orĀ  Paper Napkin)


Peace (with conversation),



  1. How about that, I’m the first. It’s 6AM and I’m online. That’s a bit obsessive. Oh well, it’s still fun. I want to be able to bring my pieces to my blog like you do, Kevin, but I need an easier way than what Troy and I did together. That’s my quest. I am still blown away by your poem and video piece and I see there’s a new short poem on here as well. Do you ever sleep?

  2. I don’t know if I count as a de-lurker…I think I’ve commented on here before but what the hey? It’s 8:18 am, a rainy Monday in Northampton, I Just finished assembling a tomato and carmelized onion tart and I’m wondering if Sylvester’s is open on Mondays, because we need to stock up on sunflower bread and coffee before heading back to the Bronx.
    I’m also pondering my web-based research project and debating whether I want to make my seniors do it over and present the results at March’s Teacher to Teacher conference. *sigh*

  3. De-lurker week you say. I am quite a lurker because I love gathering information and using it. I do make comments when I feel I have something to say. I think you have set a great goal of 6 comments on 6 different blogs too and we will see what comes of it!

  4. Thanks for popping by with your comments Kevin. I fixed the link to my powerpoint that you pointed out (thanks), but with the challenges I am having using the private blogging at Blogger, you might want to go somewhere else (if you want the blogs to be private). Kelly commented after you that Blogmeister works well for her, but I haven’t checked it out yet.
    Your blog looks great, and I will explore it further when the school day is over.

  5. Thanks for the invitation to comment. I’ve been online all weekend doing classwork, homework, and site update work. The cable went out an hour ago and I nearly freaked out – not a pretty site. Fortunately, it was only a brief outage.

    I’m trying to implement writing workshop principles in my college classroom and it’s proving to be a real challenge – an interesting and exciting and scary challenge at the same time. You may want to read those posts on my blog at

    Words of encouragement will be most welcome!

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