Emoticon Challenge: Mix n’ Match

In a recent edition of Time Magazine, the essay section at the back was dedicated to potentially “new” emoticons for 2007 (very tongue and cheek) and so, in the spirit of fun and games, I have grabbed a few emoticons and the descriptions and I am challenging you to figure out which belongs with which.

Here are your emoticons:

Now here are the descriptions:

  • (A) I am disoriented by the act of blogging about the act of blogging
  • (B) I am filming a poorly shot YouTube video in response to your poorly shot YouTube video
  • (C) I am thinking about auditioning for a reality show that will give me an ephemeral and humiliating taste of celebrity
  • (D) I am mortified at having discovered my grandparents’ MySpace profile
  • (E) I am seeking help for my addiction to organizing my Netflix queue.

(Give up? Go to answer page)As an additional challenge, can you come up with a good description for this funny emoticon from the Time list? Use the comment feature to leave your answer.

Peace (with funnies),

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