WritingMan the Superhero

Don’t bother to ask me where this little venture came from (the bright recesses of the mind, no doubt), but I had come across two different sites that are related with creating your own version of superheroes. The first — ComicVine — seemed pretty cool except I could never, ever, upload a picture to my profile (frustrating). The second — HeroMachine — allows you to create an image of a superhero, but you can’t save a profile there.

So I figured I would just grab aspects of both sites and put them here. Consider this the first public viewing of the newest superhero: WritingMan!!



Super Life

Mortimer Mandrake was born to a human mother and a robotic father (don’t ask) and was raised in a household built upon words and sentences. Literally, the house was constructed on a bedrock of phonics. As Mortimer grew older, he realized his life was slightly different than his friends and soon came to wield the amazing Power of the Pen. One day, his parents were sucked into a giant Black Hole that opened up in his math homework and Mortimer was left to defend himself in this world and in other worlds. His weapon of choice is a golden Feather with magical ink that turns thoughts into reality. In his role as WritingMan, Mortimer defends the Universe against the dreaded StandardizedTestMan and his evil sidekick, Apathy. With a cry of “My Ink Never Runneth Out!” and the ability to jump through words by making thoughts reality, WritingMan is on a quest to connect all of the creative power of the Universe into one Gigantic Book of Cool Words and Stories.
List of Known Powers

  • Grammar ray
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-Platform skills
  • Creative spirit
  • Able to choose words in a single second
  • Sense of Adventure

List of Known Weaknesses

  • Standardized tests
  • Altered Spellcheck
  • Apathy
  • Dangling Participles

Peace (with pens of power),



  1. After reading this, I am not sure if you need more sleep or less! Can you send WritingMan to the Lehigh Valley? We just finished our standardized tests and apathy (along with the snow and sleet) has started to settle in.

  2. Writing Man to the Rescue!!!

    It was nice to see you in the chat room of TTT, Donna. You should join in the conversation one of these times (or maybe you have?).


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