The Ins and Outs of Edublogs

I’ve been following closely the work of Mike over at his Edublogs Tutorial site, where he is generously walking people through the inner workings of the WordPress platform that is beneath the hood of Edublogs. (For example, I finally figured out that I could add widgets to my sidebar)

Mike has already shown such things as:

  • Adding MP3 files to your posts
  • Installing a message board
  • Linking photos
  • Using the sidebar options for widgets

All in all, he is very patient and very thorough in breaking down his steps but also acknowledging when things go haywire (as they sometimes do for all of us). Check out his site and give him some feedback. I personally think he needs a sexier name for his site but that is just me. 🙂

Peace (with platforms),

  1. Thanks Kevin, I just sent Mike a question about how I can change my photos. How did you create that guy up on the left? I’m just aboutr ready to experiement with both podcasting and video pieces, using, Google or YouTube. What do you suggest?

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