Youth Radio — podcasting to the world

I wanted to give some props to the work of students in our Youth Radio project, which is still coming together as the school year progresses. Our kids in Massachusetts, California, the Philippines, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, and Mississippi have been using the weblog site to publish audio pieces and then using the comment feature to react.

Gail D. even had the Californian Youth Radio-ans present our project to MegaConference 2007, which opened up our virtual doors to the world in a new way. (Unfortunately, my school district was on vacation and I was out of town that day).

I think it is safe to say that we are still navigating our expectations of student writers and readers and our own conceptions of how to use audio with the Internet for real writing in new and engaging ways. Someone asked if this was really “radio” and I would say, probably not, but I think the word calls to mind distant voices being pulled together at one source.

Peace (with Internet airwaves),


  1. I looked at the Youth Radio site and it is great! I attempted to do podcasts this year with an 8th Grade Computer class, but it didn’t work out. They were not taking it seriously and I need to firm up my technical skills.I’m going to share this site with my students, though. I especially think my 7th grade reading classes will appreciate it.

  2. Our kids have been really engaged, for the most part, so we have been lucky. Maybe next year for you?
    Or start with a small project and move up from there?
    Thanks for the comment.

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