My Weblog/Podcast Workshop Site

A friend asked me to share the Weblog site where I launch many of my workshops on Weblogs for teachers in the Western Massachusetts Writing Project with very little, if any, knowledge of Weblogs, Wikis, podcasting, etc. At this point, the site is only the main interface and not an actual blog, although I have used it for that during various workshops (it all depends on audience and purpose).

Feel free to use the workshop site as you like.

Peace (with sharing),

  1. A great resource as we beigin to plan for SI.07 and get more people blogging from the getgo. I’m returning to the guitar now, for one last practice, but my fingers are crying, ENOUGH!!!

  2. Kevin,
    What a great resource this is! I am doing a short Pro-D on starting your own personal blog (on Edublogs) for teachers, and I have been building a wiki for it. I will be sure to use some of the resources here. Thank you so much for sharing! When I get the wiki up and running I will be sure to pass on the link to you.

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