The WMWP Concept Map

As I was in Chicago working on our Monograph Book Project that centers on how our Western Massachusetts Writing Project responded to change, I began to get more interested in our use of creating concept maps to chart out who our program leaders were and what they were doing, and how things were overlapping with each other. I have not made these maps — that has been the work of others — but they are interesting to think about, and have shaped our inquiry at our site over the years.

So, in true digital storytelling fashion, I created this little video:


Peace (as a concept map translated into reality)<

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  1. It took a few times to get to see your DS but finally, yes I could see it. It reminds me of the maps we have created at our site using this kind of mapping. I know that as we get larger we have to deal with issues of sharing leadership. It’a hard for me to share, for sure. I know it probably doesn’t seem that way in our collaboration, but it’s hard for me to give up DS hold on the process. But this summer as we create two workshops with a young writers camp and a teacher workshop in DS, I will be just coordinating the project with two great TC’s who will be doing the facilitation.
    I want to hear more about your work.

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