Casting Your Voice to the World: Podcasting 101

I am presenting a workshop this weekend on Podcasting and Audiocasting to teachers in our newly-reinvigorated Massachusetts Writing Project network. The conference is called Because Writing Matters and features Sonia Nieto (who writes and speaks so eloquently about social justice in our educational system) as our guest speaker and a whole host of workshops.

Here is the slideshow that will go along with my workshop. What you can’t hear are small bits and pieces of student voices that runs on each slide, and I intend to use my friend The Reflective Teacher‘s idea of boiling your week down to a single sentence as our writing prompt that will lead to a podcast in the workshop (posted here, of course).

[slideshare id=43815&doc=casting-your-voice-out-to-the-world-2183&w=425]

Here is the direct link: Casting Your Voice Out to the World.

Peace (with podcasts),

  1. Kevin. Looks like this is going to be another great workshop. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to offer more resources to our teacher network and tastes of our PD offerings to administrators off of our website or blog. This pushes my thinking some more.

  2. Thanks everyone
    Yes, Gail, I have seen that video and I love it. I don’t think I will have time to show it in this workshop, though.
    Bonnie, I will post and let you know.
    Susan, once again, we need to find time to talk about these things. 🙂


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