Audiocast Workshop: Week in Sentence

This is a podcast from the workshop that I am giving at the Massachusetts State Writing Project conference. In this room, there are teachers (mostly from the middle school level, it turns out) who are interested in learning more about how audio and the Web 2.0 can expand the reach of audience and technology for their students.

pod1Here is a podcast that we just completed. I asked them to write a sentence that is a synthesis of their past week, for good or for bad, and then volunteers read their sentence into my Blue Snowball microphone, which was hooked into Audacity software. I have just walked them through the upload of the audio file into this blog.

pod2Week in Review

Peace (in the pod),


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  2. Kevin, I enjoyed hearing from your teachers. Sounds like y’all had a neat time.

    One observation: Y’all sure do talk kind of funny up yonder!

    But we won’t hold that against you. We’re all in the WP together, after all!


    Good job, seriously. Check ya’ later,
    Way down yonder in Lou’siane,

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