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(thanks to Donna for some information and I updated my movie)

My students are in the midst of creating digital picture books around a scientific theme. We are using Powerpoint in order to move beyond the flat page and include animation, audio and even video. The audience for the books are first through fourth graders and we will publish in a variety of formats. The kids are just loving it and are fully engaged in their projects!

As usual, as they work, so do I, and I have been writing and creating my own picture book story about decomposition (sound familiar? This is also a term that my friend Paul Oh has proposed for digital writing — haha!) As I move along, I have been sharing my process with students so they can see how I work.

Here is a video version of my book and it loses all of its animation in this version:
Download: Posted by dogtrax at
And here is a link to the actual Powerpoint file (click on the picture):

Peace (in pictures),

  1. Great story! But as an Family and Consumer Science ( Home Economics) educator, I have never make cakes or cookies with yeast. There are some cake recipes I learned searching the internet, but most of them use a chemical leavening agents like baking soda (a base) and vinegar (an acid). As an avid composter and fellow tech liaison, I am glad to see you promoting decomposition – which ever definition you using!


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