OnPoEvMo: Inside My Guitar, May 2007

One morning, I had this line running through my head — “I am inside my guitar” — and fashioned this poem for my OnePoemEveryMonthforaYear Project.


Inside My Guitar
(May 2007)

Listen to the Poem

I am going to crawl inside my guitar today
and take refuge with the dust
and broken picks
and whatever gremlins might live inside the house of sounds.
I intend to gaze up at the six strings
as they break the current of air with vibrations
and I’ll marvel at the way they all work together,
seamlessly, it seems, as a rainbow filling my head with wonder.
I’ll twist along with the turning screws,
and come unbound, then rewound,
then brought back into tune by some magnificent ear
that hears only the notes.
This wooden closet will be my home,
a dark place where no one else can go,
just me and me alone,
until I am ready to surf out on a shimmering note
and land in your ear as a whisper that sings to you all day
until your head falls back on the pillow
and I return to this world, once again.

Peace (in poems),


One Comment
  1. I’m back, at least I can get to our edu blogs and that feels so great. I read this poem actually in Hong Kong but couldn’t comment there. Now I can! Wow, you make me want to write my version! It’s fabulous. I am moving it to my blog for inspiration.
    I checked out the lastest DS pieces, but I don’t have enough minutes at the moment to do them justice.
    Just a thought, what you know about the online conference that Bud has shared? Do you want to write up a proposal about our DS project?

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