Radio Silence

It’s been days since I have been able to blog and even now, I had to move from my desktop to my laptop and tap into a neighbor’s wireless network. The updates to Edublogs by James, combined with some lack of updating the cache system through my Internet provider, has left me staring at error messages at my blog sites for the last week. I am still trying to get my provider to help me out and I hope for progress today. Ahhhh.

But it is strange — this desire to want to write and blog and share, and being unable to do so in a way that has become second nature and comfortable for me — via this blog site, and I miss it terribly. I don’t know why, but I do. I guess the daily act of writing and sharing and thinking has become part of my world in a very natural way, and so the disruption of technology in that process is a bit jarring for me.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve been touring through the Ning network a bit deeper, writing some poetry, and starting a self-publishing venture through Lulu — Later this week, I get a proof copy of a novella of a story called The Note Who Got Lost in the Masterpiece and a book of poems inspired by a vacation trip to the coast of Maine in 2004 that I published yesterday on Lulu. I don’t expect to get rich off this venture but at the very least, I want to have bound copies of my writing for my sons to have and be able to read, and think: my dad is a writer.

Plus, I need to start thinking of my claymation camp that starts next week. I began a blog for that camp to share the kids’ work ( with family and our network of teachers in the Western Mass Writing Project. Which reminds me — I need clay! And markers! and other materials!

Oh, and I began to use concept mapping tool to conceptualize how the new blogs in our Massachusetts Writing Project network are interconnected. Here is my Map of the Blogs.

And finally — we are off to see the Boston Red Sox play ball on July 4 in Beantown on a mini-vacation (says the Yankees fan in a family of Red Sox lovers!)

Peace (with patience),

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