OnPoEvMo: A Stone’s Throw, July 2007

Did you ever have one of those days? You know, when it begins with a shattered window? Sigh.

This installment of the One Poem for Every Month for a Year project is about one of my sons causing some havoc at our house. At least I can say that he gave me some writing inspiration on an otherwise uninspiring day. (Just don’t tell him that — it would leave him off the hook).


A Stone’s Throw
(July 2007)
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The sound of shattered glass
is no way
to start the day
and the frantic sobs of the seven year old,
screaming: “You are going to kill me”
is like icing on the cake.
Summer is the time of idle plans
and imagination
but that doesn’t explain how a
rock and a sock
and gravity
combined forces to leave a Pollock picture
of glass pebbles on the driveway
nor does it excuse the need to enter
the twisted labyrnth of the insurance company
on a day designed for rest and relaxation.

Peace (with the unexpected),


One Comment
  1. Nice, could you write one for me? I have to write something for our SI anthologies, although I’ve been writing DS pieces like crazy.
    It’s cool to be able to use the frustrations of fatherhood as poetic inspiration.
    Hey, here’s a thought. We should steal that A Day/Week in a sentence and park it on Tech Friends, somewhere. What do you think???

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