A decade of blogs

Last weekend, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy piece about recognizing that blogging has been underway for a decade (although I bet even that is in dispute somewhere out here). It was an interesting overview of the evolution and transformation of the Weblog World and notes how the Weblog really helped spark the content-driven revolution that underpins most of our notions of the Web 2.0 world. I can publish, you can interact, we are connected.

Here is a quote:

The consumption of blogs is often avid and occasionally obsessive. But more commonly, it is utterly natural, as if turning to them were no stranger than (dare one say this here?) picking one’s way through the morning’s newspapers.WSJ

The articles goes on to profile some folks who blog and asks them to reflect a bit (Tom Wolfe blasts the idea of blogging while Mia Farrow discusses its power to a writer).

So, ten years? I have been married ten years. Interesting to think of the timeframe and how the world has changed in that time.

Peace (in decades),

  1. Thanks for the blog article link, friend. One year for me and I feel that natural sense of writing out there and enjoying the resonses from friends and strangers. One year and there’s been 10, wow! Can you imagine if we were writing for 10 years?

  2. I know
    and it makes one wonder what is the killer app right now?
    Is it social networking?
    Are we using it but don’t quite understand the implications?
    Or is there something out there completely under our radar and only years later, we will say, Oh that was the thing that changed everything.


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