Amazing Animation — J Coltrane’s Giant Steps

Sometimes you stumble across something so amazing and intriguing, it makes you glad to know there is a wired world of inventors and artists. I love jazz, and I love John Coltrane (our cat is named Coltrane) coltraneand this artist used the classic song, Giant Steps, to create an animation based on the notes of Coltrane. It’s based on building blocks and notice how the movie shows the song and solo building up, and then tearing the melody back down again.

The movie is by Michal Levy and is wonderful. Be warned, though — there is a significant load time (100 seconds, I think) but it is worth the wait.

This is one snapshop from inside the movie

Peace (in jazz exploration),

  1. That was so cool. John Coltrane was well served. Too bad the artist had to ask for money at the end of it. PS I’m loving the activity on Tech Friends, aren’t you?

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