Writing Retreat — getting my chapter up and running

I have written before about a book I am co-editing that profiles teachers from k-college as they begin to study, think about and explain how technology is slowly changing the way they teach writing and the way their students are writing. We are focusing in on how teachers are assessing such tech-flavored writing in light of state and national standards, too.

And I need to write my chapter on the digital science book project that my students worked on this past spring, so this weekend — thanks to Western Mass Writing Project and National Writing Project — I am heading to the beaches of Connecticut for a writing retreat for other teachers in our network who want to write for professional publication and I hope to get much of my chapter written. Ambitious? Yes, but much of the chapter is unfolding in my head during the days when I am not writing. I just need to capture it.

I am looking forward to a Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon writing-and-nothing-but-writing (except for some walks along the beach and a few beers at night) getaway.

On a related note, I was rummaging through my computer and stumbled upon this old PP show that I did in my Summer Institute for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project about the uses of picture books in the upper elementary classroom. This was a research question that I pursued that summer and then presented to the rest of the SI folks. Some of the information is still helpful as I think about my chapter.

So I uploaded it to Slideshare for more sharing.

[slideshare id=61693&doc=the-power-of-picture-books2418&w=425]

Peace (in pictures),

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  1. Hey friend,
    One more day coming up for our SI’07 and I think everyone is now on my GROUP for Classroom2.0 Too bad I didn’t think to create a social network for us, oh well. It was a bit tricky getting everyone on, but I think we are good to go.
    I have a new appreciation for picture books. We had fellows this summer who presented very powerful workshops using pbs and the text on Multiliteratcies has great chapters on the power of the picture book. Do you know that book?
    I would be thrilled to turn you on to it, after all, it’s usually the other way around.
    Have a great time and keep me posted. My big Mac Pro arrived and I ready to go crazy.
    In a few days I will be free to also start working on our DS project.
    I just created a new DS about our SI’07. I will download to our blog very soon.
    Keep me posted.

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