Human Brain Cloud

This is slightly amusing, but also instructive, as a site called Human Brain Cloud seeks to gather intuitive word associations from as many people as possible and then collate that data through a connected web. It’s social data gathering, with a fun twist.

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    I think I'm shrinking

    The site gives you a word or phrase, and it asks you to quickly write down the word or phrase that comes first to your mind, and then your response goes into the database. Then, after you’ve done a few, head to the cloud itself, which fans out before you like a great big growing tree. You can even search by words or terms.

    Peace (with association),


    1. Well, that was fun. I enjoy word play but I haven’t had a new word association game to play in ages. If fun isn’t enough reason to play, I think there might be a serious use. Alright, a semi-serious use. I can imagine getting writer’s block, and using the cloud to mentally limber up. Thanks for including this game in your blog.

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