Your Day/Week in a Sentence

Since my good friend, The Reflective Teacher, is taking a break this week from his wonderful Boil Your Day Down Into One Sentence feature, I told him I would be glad to host this week’s edition.

So, if you want to participate, use the comment feature here on this post, write and submit your sentence¬† (and even better, write your sentence and also provide me with a podcast version — you can even email me the audio file at dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com and I will host it for you), and I will collate it all before the end of the weekend.

Peace (in community),

  1. Let’s start the week with a Late Start meeting where we, teachers, are now told the evaluation protocol that WAS not a dog-n-pony show, will now become a dog-n-pony show, continue with a full 60 minute training on Google mail and how to set it up (as if we could ever figure it out ourselves), take 80% of my kids out of my AP class on Wednesday for a PSAT test, cut the classes on Thursday for our wasted, twice a quarter, homeroom, and send me to a meeting on rigor and relevance on Friday, while a “guest” teacher will be standing guard over my kiddos.

  2. Went to a memorial service for a colleague and friend who taught Spanish II at our school for 15 years before that car hit her broadside on her way to class the other morning; I clutched my kleenex and stared at my little candle, and felt the whole fuzzy chaotic teaching world slide into sharp focus.

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