Come on In! Day in a Sentence

I would like to invite you to participate in the weekly Day in a Sentence feature. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s informative (uh-oh — that always turns off the kids). Just boil your day or week down into a concise sentence, use the comment feature at this post here to submit (they will sit in moderation for a day or so), and then on Sunday or Monday, I will compile them all and share with the world as another post. Please leave a blog address, too, if you have one to share, as we create virtual connections amongst us all.

I will be working with teachers at the Hudson Valley Writing Project tomorrow on a podcasting workshop and I will be having them do this activity and creating a group podcast, so we will have some other voices this week. But we still want you!

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Once again, I encourage folks to maybe try their hand at podcasting, either through the awfully-easy-to-use site PodcastPeople or create an MP3 file and ship it my way at dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com and I will host your voice for you (for free!!).

Peace (in a few words),

  1. It’s the red cherry on top of the week–getting my hair done on Friday and refreshing that bright red color that keeps me young and energetic so I can keep doing all that I’m doing to help young people learn about their place in the great big world waiting for them out there.

  2. It used to be that when progress reports went home, my phone rang at least once or twice that evening; this week, however, no one called–a sad reflection on our times–but, all hope is not lost because the next day when two of my sophomores shared their writings about their places of solitude, and another student replied, “Mine is not like theirs, all descriptive and ‘writey’,” I once again was reminded why I am still teaching.

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