Day in a Sentence, November 11

We have a whole lot of folks involved in this week’s Day in a Sentence feature. Many are friends from the National Writing Project but others are not, and all of them were very gracious in sharing their words with us. I am deeply appreciative of them all.

The first group of participants were in a workshop that I gave on Saturday at the Hudson Valley Writing Project, and as we talked about podcasting, I had them do it — using our Day in a Sentence prompt. Listen in to their voices.

Susan experimented with PodcastPeople and posted this, as she begins a week of conferences (and I am going to be right there with her. Here is her podcast.

April had trouble getting into Edublogs this week (it has been a bit quirky as they do some changes to the servers) and so she just emailed me her post, which I gladly share with you: “Swimming in a murkey sea of curriculum and meetings, I grasp for moments of bouyancy, clarity, levity; a lifeboat looms ahead, providentially named NWP Annual Meeting, and I strike out for it, suddenly energized.”

Nancy was experimenting this and is excited to try new things. “I used the SmartBoard for the first time in my classes on Thursday, and today we are headed to Storm King Art Center; it’s been an exciting week!”

Bonnie prepares for a conference in Upstate New York (where I am also a presenter and speaker), writing, “Last night, around 9, maybe after I read Kevin’s latest post, it hit me, Saturday begins the flood of conferences and I’m involved in a BIG way for the next two weeks… I think it will be great, but you wouldn’t know it if you were in my head last night because one dream after the next forced my eyes open and I was up watching yet another home renovation show on he Home and Gardens network…It will be great…It will be great, but the torture comes first, Kevin, see you in the AM when you ROCK THE HOUSE and get this party going…”

Larry is all about alliteration this week, and that is fine. “It was a week of field trips, family, fighting fatigue, feasting on “flan,” and filled with fun.”

Diane had a nice, short, sweet thought that rings true for the New Englander in me: “Time trickled slowly through meetings while outside, leaf-fall turned the grass into sunset.”

Jeff has some great advice — something to humanize us a bit. “Sometimes it’s okay to leave your guilt bag at school for the night and focus on other things.”

Experience is everything, as Amy reminds us with her post. “This week has been full of our fall parent-teacher conferences. This year I have been blessed by having a good group and also more teaching experience under my belt. This means that the week has not been as stressful as in years past.”

Ahhhh — it stinks to be sick, even though the prospect of a quiet house brings the possibility of relaxation and some work getting done, as The Mindful Teacher writes: “A day alone at home is blissful although the price is high — stomach flu and a stack of papers that need grading before report cards and parent conferences next week.”

The Z Game” Check out what Lynn writes: “After a week of chanting my mantra, “focus on the strengths,” I was caught up short yesterday at a staff meeting where the presenter showed a neat diagram that does precisely that—giving me a new strategy, the “z game.” Interested? Here’s a link:

Ginny found some time to head through the K12 Online Workshops and came out the other end with this to say, “This week I discovered more tools and finished watching the video presentations of the K12Online2007 conference.” And she posted her voice as a podcast, too-

Peace (in brevity),

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