The Return of Day in a Sentence (for now)

It’s back home again for the Day in a Sentence feature. Day in Sentence Icon Bonnie did an outstanding job as guest host and I have two more volunteers on board for the near future: Larry F. and Matthew N.

As always, we want to get a look inside your week or day and we encourage you to do this with brevity, wit, humor and passion. In other words, boil it all down into a sentence, my friends.

Please use the comment feature on this post to submit your sentences, and if you have a blog, leave the address for me to reference when I collate and post them all together as a community experience on Sunday.

Here is my sentence:

My classroom is a zone of complete and absolute “puppet mania” right now as my sixth graders are writing original plays, creating strange puppet characters and shifting from the role of creator to performer for younger students at our school who will soon become our audience.

How about you? If you want to podcast your sentence, you can provide us with the link or you can email me the file and I will host it for you. My email is dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love to hear your voices.

Peace (in puppets),

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