Day in a Sentence: New Voices

Larry Ferlazzo took the reins of Day in a Sentence this week (head to Larry’s site) and as a result, there were many new and wonderful voices as part of the mix, including some of Larry’s own students (which is an interesting concept). I like that Larry’s connections brought in people from other parts of the world and I hope they continue to contribute to the feature.

I am going to host the feature again this coming week (be on the lookout for the typical midweek announcement) and then we may take a week off for holiday vacation, and then return with Matt Needleman at the helm as guest host.

Peace (in collaboration),

  1. I love that painting you included Kevin and it’s cool to have these different voices. And I’m wondering what’s taking me so long to start podcasting. I like the sound of my voice. Soon, soon. I actually stalled writing my sentence with the plan that it would be a podcast. Once I start I won’t be able to stop.

    How’s the snow at your place?


  2. I followed your link from over at Larry’s blog. Nice work here. A fun thing about these type of exercises is that you get to meet new bloggers. I’d love to contribute to your Day in a Sentence, or is it Week in a Sentence.

  3. Hi Christina
    I just added you to my email notification list.
    Look for a blog post tomorrow, calling for new entries.

    Is it a day or a week? I don’t know. The originator of the idea named it Day but I usually boil my Week down, unless there is some crazy day that needs its own space.

    Feel free to choose.

    I hope to see your sentence this week.


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