LiteBrite: A completely fun waste of time

My youngest son was coughing in the night, so I am up early (even for me) and I find this link to a memory from my own childhood: Lite-Brite. Remember that one? All those little translucent pegs going into little slots with a back light and you make shapes and strange designs? (Or do you remember losing the little pegs or fumbing with your fat fingers to get them into the slots? That was me, too).

So of course, there is now an online version of Lite-Brite, and it is easy to use and fun way to kill some time in the morning when you should be sleeping.

As a kid, I created saxophones everywhere I went, so this is my morning Lite-Brite design:

And of course:

Give it a whirl!

Peace (in colored pegs),

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