Day in a Sentence (in six words!)

In the spirit of fostering the creative spirit amongst us, I am proposing that we try to use the six-word-story format for our sentence this week. The Six Word Story is a way to tell a tale in just six words. Not easy but interesting. You can see the Six Word Story project that I did last year with some folks in the National Writing Project, using a wiki site to allow folks to add their own stories.

Day in Sentence Icon As always, podcasts are welcome and encouraged.

If you are new to Day in a Sentence, the process is relatively straight-forward:

  • Boil a day or your week into a sentence (in this case, a sentence of just six words)
  • Use the comment feature on this post (comments are moderated)
  • I collect them all and publish them on Sunday (when the Giants beat the Packers, says this avid and nutty Giants fan)

I look forward to your words. (Look — I just wrote that in six words)

Here is my Six Word Day in a Sentence:

Snow, plus kids, equals complete craziness.

Peace (in brevity),

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