Ben, over at the Esoterium, had been wondering why there were not more collaborative teaching blogs where many voices from the teaching of English and writing can come together to share knowledge and interact. There are some models of this out there (including Lifehacks, which is how Ben got inspired to think about this idea) in other fields.

Well, Ben is now launching a site called and he is looking for a wide range of English teacher-bloggers who may want to get involved.

If you are interested, Ben asks that you drop him an email at ben(at)esoterium(dot)com.

Peace (in further collaboration),

  1. Thanks for the advert and the kick-start. I was wasting my time asking people around my school. I better start posting on there if I am going to convince people that I am serious about this thing!

  2. Ben
    I wonder about ways to get the word out.
    Are you part of the NWP TL list-serve? You could send out an inquiry for folks there.
    Or on the unofficial TL Ning site that I have set up.
    Just thinking ..

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