Day in a Sentence: VoiceThread Experiment

I want to invite you into this week’s Day in a Sentence feature, and I am adding yet another twist to the equation. I have created this very simple VoiceThread and I want to invite you to post your sentence in my VoiceThread.

You can do it as text, as audio, or talking into a webcam. VoiceThread makes this so very easy to do. Here is the link to VoiceThread for the homepage, where you can set up an account in minutes.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="500" height="600" wmode="transparent" /]

If this is impossible for you, then, by all means, leave your Sentence here as a post, but I really do hope folks will try out VoiceThread.

Peace (in threads),

  1. VoiceThread totally beyond me; felt like it would consume way too much of my time just to figure it out, and as said previously, time is a precious commodity of which we have too little.

  2. Just to keep checking in to watch the frame around the screen grow, loved it and then to click around and hear and read…fantastic. Even to find one from my bud, Tom who is far away. Really a great view of community.

  3. I know — it really is neat.
    However, I am also conscious of what Delaine says and I know we need to balance the new tech possibilities with the familiar so that everyone can feel comfortable participating.

    PS — Hey, Bonnie, you should upload an avatar so that when you comment, your icon shows up.

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