My Day in A Sentence

Even though I put my sentence on the VoiceThread for this week (see post down below), I missed seeing it as part of my blog archive, so here it goes:

I got an article published in the local newspaper about my new XO, leading the other newspaper to interview me for their own article on the XO, and my hope is that both articles help advance the ideas of technology and education in the developing world.

Peace (in sentences),


  1. This is a very important article. Even though my new green machine is still in the box due to tech overload, I’ve noticed that there have been a rash of articles focused on the tensions between Intel and Nicholas Negroponte and lots of critics focusing on the limitations of the fledging XO.
    It’s more important to remember and celebrate the vision of Negroponte in putting aside profits for the greater good.

    Your article shifts the focus correctly. I’ve been waiting for it.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Bonnie.
    I agree that I tried to focus on the reasons behind my support and the hope that the XO movement spurs something forward. After the article ran, my neighbor called to say, hey, he is waiting for his delivery of his XO (which I didn’t know he was getting) so we hope to “mesh” one of these days when it arrives. And I got two other emails from folks in my area who also have XOs and wanted to connect.
    That’s the power of media, I suppose.
    What if those of us who have XOs brought them to the next NWP Annual Meeting and did a little seminar on them?
    Just a thought.

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