Twittering Around on 2008-02-13

  • @mscofino Hello to Qatar Academy from Massachusetts, USA — where an ice storm has blanketed our universe. Everything is white and ice. 🙂 #
  • @budtheteacher Bud, word processing changed my life and the way I write, too (interesting,eh?). My mind is more in groove with keys than pen #
  • @langwitches I agree. Larry is a terrific resource and his insights into what is helpful for ELL students is crucial. I’m thankful. #
  • Three kids cooped up inside (and two neighbors are on the way) as my wife waves goodbye and heads to her job as a school admin. Lucky me #
  • @speters Greetings to Canada from Massachusetts. It’s a wet, soggy and icy day here. #
  • @chrislehmann Sounds like a real winner. Might have better just to have a handout and allow folks to network, right? #
  • Promised Ben I would contribute to his idea of a collective blog and finally did — writing about surveys #
  • @alexragone Risk takers are the ones grumpy teachers refuse to greet in hall (fear contamination). Risk takers are the ones kids flock to. #
  • @willrich45 (we must) … encourage our students to be innovators and flexible thinkers. #

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