Twittering Around on 2008-02-14

  • Ever get feeling you misunderstood "Snow Day Msg" and there was school and you weren’t there? That was me 5 secs ago. (no worries – no skl) #
  • @budtheteacher (In my pocket?) a rubber band that I took from the three year old, about to zing it at his older brother (payback?). #
  • Tomorrow is Look Alike Day at School (I advise our Student Council) and so all 6th grade teachers will wear ugly Hawaiian Shirts. Cool. #
  • Sugar-infected day with 12 year olds (note: cancel V-Day) + I barked out "quiet" to a cave of cacaphony one times too many (note:need beer) #
  • Almost gave up on Vday dinner due to tiredness (son up in night 3 times! parental result: insomnia) but rallying. Waiting for babysitter. #

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