Twittering Around on 2008-02-15

  • Friday. One day countdown to Feb vacation. Friday. Vacation. Friday. Vacation. (mantra of the day in my head). Friday. Vacation. #
  • Will you haiku? I invite you to boil down a day or your week into a haiku and post – #
  • @LParisi Lisa, thanks to you for your Haiku — very nice. I release all the writing on Sunday (normally). #
  • @budtheteacher XO Blog? I wanna know more, Bud. I need to crack the little green machine back open and move deeper inside. #
  • Student using MakeBeliefsComix ( to make comics about Internet safety (borrowed idea from Cheryl Oaks) #
  • @budtheteacher XO Blog looks good. I posted a little "hello" on the blog for you, Bud, and tossed the blog into my RSS (no one was hurt) #
  • @NCavillones Very nice to see a teacher on cover of Time, and then someone you know … extra special. I liked the first line of article. #

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