Your Days Are Blooming Like a Bed of Flowers

This week’s Day in a Sentence became Day in a Simile, and everyone was wonderful (again!) with their entries. There is such a thrill to peak into my moderation bin and see all of the submissions and know what great quality writing and reflection is going on in your lives. Flowers to everyone this week!

Without further ado, here are your Days in a Simile:

Larry boiled his week down to this: “Teaching my Tuesday ninth grade English class was like experiencing the Five Stages of Grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance — in an hour-and-a-half.

But he also explains, “I’m sure all of us teachers have experienced that, often, when we get a new student if it’s a boy the girls want to show off, and if it’s a girl then the boys want to do the same. Well, on Tuesday I got a new boy and a new girl in my ninth grade English class.”

Yep — been there, had that, Larry, although not two new in one day.

Bonnie wonders if her simile makes sense. Sure. It certainly has imagery to it, don’t you think? (poof)

My week is has been a clean blackboard, just waiting for exploding chalk dust to bury it until spring.”

The Great Thaw is on the minds of many in the winter regions, including Michelle, a friend from the National Writing Project.

My week is like black ice that cannot be melted or cracked–at least, not until a good thaw comes in the form of spring break (mid-March).

Matt is busy … with his Wii, and writes a simile as beautiful as a poem. (now move that arm and get that controller swinging, Matt!)

My week walked in beauty like a stone. We found and purchased a Wii which was like going to the dentist, getting a free toothbrush, and finding out you don’t have any cavities.”

Illya had a hill to scale but conjured up breakfast for a simile.

With my brain sizzling like bacon in the pan, I try to climb the mountain of preparation which will lead me to a successful course week of preparation of English teachers.

Ben B. was a bit, well, literary in his submission. Let’s hope his week ended better than it began.

This week’s Totalitarian unit was like Shakespeare — ‘a tale told by an idiot, all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Janelle is seeking tasty treats and new terrain.

My week has been like experimenting with new cuisine. There are some tastes you like, and some that you could do without…. but at least, you’re trying it!

Ann O., a friend from the Twitterverse and Delicious network, is new to Day in a Sentence and I welcome her words and her presence.

My week is like a marathon race with a long stretch ahead and much pacing needed but a clear eye on breaking through the ribbon at the end.

Eric compares his day to a movie and maybe he has some major stars lined up for the parts?

Today is like a slow motion moment in the middle of a movie action scene.

Karen is all about variety this week.

My day is like a Levenger catalog, with my pens moving me from my journal, to my Circa class notebooks, to my journal again, and then to a book with the page carefully marked with a Levenger bungee bookmark.

Alice‘s sentence comes via Tumblr, a microblogging application that I have not yet ventured into (just starting to Twitter, you know?). She had a terrible day and she had to recast her original entry (a bit of profanity filtered in) before settling on this culinary comparison.

Today was like a sandwich of filet mignon on buffalo chip bread: my desktop o/s was fried last night when the server crashed, so I had to be re-imaged; the school day went great; I got my cell phone lost/stolen at the end of the day.

Donna was playing some virtual “red light green light” due to weather conditions and the cancellation of many events in her life.

My day is like a traffic light because I start off in one direction and opps! the light is red so I can’t go.

Sara’s blog detailed her sick week with the flu (sounds like my house).

My Tuesday was as tipsy as a tilt-a-whirl, because getting over the flu is not as easy as it sounds!

Ouch! Dentist simile coming up from Cynthia. Bring on the laughing gas!

Teaching the Codys and Treys of the world is like having impacted wisdom teeth extracted without anesthesia day after day after day.

Ann M., a friend from Australia who just awarded me a Thinking Blog Meme Award (thank you!), had news from a parent:

My week has been like a merry-go-round, with the highs including a statement from a grade6 parent that her boy no longer plays computer games, but now just at school 4 weeks.

Tina, who is part of my Western Massachusetts Writing Project, composed her simile late at night, she says, and as vacation week was winding down.

Sleeping in during February vacation is like breathing underwater.”

Elona found her week in a jar in the cupboard.

My week was like a jar of crunchy peanut butter- most smooth but crunchy in a few places to keep it interesting.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a sentence. Next week, the Day in Sentence (in its traditional format) will be hosted over at the TeachEng.US site that Ben has set up as a collective resource for classroom teachers. He is always looking for new writers, so feel free to peruse the site during the week and give him an email holler if you are interested in contributing. NOTE: Ben has a classroom photo contest going on and you can get more info at the site.

Peace (in community),

  1. These were great, guys!

    I didn’t get mine in on time, so I’ll post it here: My week was like a baby flower, sprouted anew, barely emerged, that hangs on through the late cold snap: short, a bit overwhelmed, but showing promise.

  2. Looks great. I think moving to these more focused prompt suggestions has been great. What an evolution. Great material for a reflective article to come. I love it’s look on your Spring cleaned blog.
    PS. I just joined Tumblr. Another path to obsession.

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