Twittering Around on 2008-02-25

  • Going to try out Day in a Sentence idea with my sixth graders. Boil down a day into a sentence and post to class blog. Maybe podcast. too? #
  • interesting to watch 6th graders try to condense a day into a sentence and then blog #
  • @mmkrill No — regular edublogs. But we do use Edublogs Community for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and love it. #
  • @kolson29 Thanks for visiting (and commenting on comics). #
  • @mmkrill Oops, meant to write Edublogs Campus, not Community (altho I love the community, too) #
  • Nothing like a tech hiccup in edublogs to try the patience of 11 year old bloggers. We got through it. But barely. #
  • The kids and I started reading The House of Dies Drear today and they already started getting creeped out with imagery and setting. Good. #
  • @kolson29 "Universal access" – yes! But so many schools use computers for testing & not for exploration (it seems to me as I work w/teachrs) #
  • @teach42 If you mean Twitter, it was James Farmer, as TwitterTools at my edublog gave me a launch pad (& push from Bonnie K. helped) #
  • Thinking about meeting on Wed with new National Writing Project ExDir Sharon Washington. Great opp. to talk convergence of tech and writing #

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