Twittering Around on 2008-02-26

  • Is programming the new literacy? Interesting article by Prensky in Edutopia. #
  • Ben is seeking Day in a Sentence from all of you I hope you consider participating. #
  • @blkdrama I use a flip vid camera for web-based stuff. Not quality for DVD, but very simple to use and easy to transfer (USB connect) #
  • Found some interesting Darfur videos from band, Mettafix maybe helpful to engage kids in project #
  • @blkdrama Advantage of Flip is ease of use. No tape involved. All flash memory. Light as heck, runs on AA batteries, etc. #
  • @alexragone Is that my personality profile you are reading? hahahaha oops, got to go. Another entanglement on the way. #
  • Students working on expository paragraphs "how to raise a kid" — some struggling, some have funny advice. #
  • Gosh, my students were noisy as heck this afternoon and I was thinking that earplugs are a great technology innovation (if I had them) #
  • More Snow!!!!!!!!! And sleet on the way!!!!! Good lord, when will winter end? Ready for flowers. #
  • @pkittle Time to hit the Sierra Nevada (brewpub) #
  • @courosa Just added some thoughts to your VT. It seemed to be there and working. Are the gremlins after it? #

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  1. I saw Marc Prensky’s presentation here in Perth (Australia) last year, and he talked about programming being the new literacy. My feelings is I don’t agree with the digital natives/immigrants debate and programming was important in the early development of the web but the whole fantastic part of the new web is you don’t need any programming skills. People are now able to be very successful; and not know any programming — key being their knowledge of how the web works and how to collaborate & social network. Marc’s thoughts are based on the growth of the online gaming industry. Wesley Fryer has a interesting post about if this is a key skill how will teachers be able to meet the needs of their students.

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