Your Days as a Couplet

You know, you are an amazing group of writers. Here I am, throwing out the concept of boiling your days down into a couplet and you don’t blink an eye. You get down to it and start writing and start sharing and you blow me away every week. I am thankful for everyone who participated again this week. I am thankful to know all of you through your writing.

Thank you.

Here are your couplets:

I got a chuckle out of Saras, as I know she has a birthday coming up (or has it come and gone?).

where did the years go from 6th grade ’til now?
the last birthday in the twenties, coming up – ka-pow!

Mary brought us into her classroom. Mary is part of a new technology team that I have put together.

digital stories all about fractions
Posters made to show all the actions!

Anne H. has long been looking at how technology is both used and mis-used and she is a colleague at the Western Massachusetts Writing Project.

A computerized tutorial program that responds to emotions–
What brave new world brings such notions?

Kathryn answered my call on Twitter (yeah!)

Bad time management and should have gone home
Instead distracted by twitter not work and writing this poem

Nothing like a load of grading to weigh you down, right, Cynthia? She writes:

Doth not it seem yon English teacher is just a bit uptight?
Perhaps grading those darn research papers hath kept her up all night.

Jane is part of the Slice of Life blog project that I discovered and jumped into, and I am happy that that she posted for this project. But I am sad she is in a bit of pain.

The train of my life has gone off the track
Derailed by the pain in my sore lower back.

Karen (who may have also ventured here from the Twitter world?)first informs us, “This is my week, so far, in a nutshell (or nuthouse, as the case may be)”:

Grading! Grading! Report cards are due!
Teacher is wishing she had the flu.

Elona crams a lot into her two lines. First, she writes: My week? What can I say except,

Anxious, confused, frustrated my students and I are
Research projects, tag clouds, wiki, Voki avatar

The weather impinged upon Barbara, and she isn’t so happy about it.

Old man winter, plaguing us with rain, wind, and snow
Closed school? ) tacking snow days to the end, ( OH NO!

Ben B. once again weaves wit with words.

Much food and few people was I then with
At a free seminar on one Adam Smith.

Karen prefaces her poem with the following thought: This couplet is about something that’s been on my mind for a few days.

If March comes in with wind that will blow
Is it a lion or lamb, and how will it go?

And Aram made a discovery of the unpleasant kind.

Her poem surprised me, so deep, so gifted.
One google later, I found it was lifted.

Aram adds: That’s how it goes, lately, Kevin.

Sue is waiting for the tube to catch her class.

This week was exciting, and the students can’t wait to see
if our local news station will be covering their podcasting on TV!

And, she adds: “Yes, This can become addicting…”

Larry, Larry, Larry. You did fine. Here is his note: “As you read this couplet, be aware that in college my poetry instructor wrote this in my final class evaluation: `Larry did write one good poem this semester.’”

At school and at the gym, at basketball I’m trying harder,
but no matter what I do, I stay at mediocre.

Jo got inspired by one of her students. She explains, “this is a bit ironic when you know that the student in question spends most of his class time, once he finally arrives, trying to covertly text message. With the number of zeros he’s accumulated, he’s doing pretty well to have as high a failing grade as he does. ;)

Her couplet:

“You’re the hardest teacher here!” said a student.
I smiled and said, “I take that as a compliment.

And Bonnie was the reluctant poet this week. Reluctant, but brave.

Snowstorms last weekend, floods today.
And Mother Nature just keeps on laughing away.

Next week, the host of the roving Day in a Sentence will be Anne M. from Australia, so be on the look-out for that announcement and join Anne on another writing adventure.

Peace (in verse),

  1. Hello Kevin! Thank you for including me in “Your Days as a Couplet”! Just thought I’d let you know, so that your curiosity did not get the best of you, that I did, indeed, find my way to you through Twitter. I can’t say with any great certainty exactly how I found my way here, all I know is that I’m here. Aren’t I?

    Thanks again!
    Karen, aka “McTeach”

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